How to stop premature ejaculation

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Top tips to prevent premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is something that affects millions of men and is undoubtedly an issue that sufferers are most likely to be embarrassed about. Unfortunately, it can impact a man’s ego while also leading to problems with sexual intimacy as well as building relationships in general. Therefore, finding effective ways to last longer is crucial.

Given that PE is a genuine condition, one which can also be linked to Erectile Dysfunction, it may be necessary to seek professional medical attention. Before taking those measures, though, there are a number of tips that may solve your problems.

Before You Start, The Good News...

It’s quite possible that thoughts of being a premature ejaculator are already in your mind. Most men have suffered from it at least once, particularly during the early sexual encounters with a new partner. Moreover, pornography and the sex industries have warped our minds regarding expectations on the length of time as well as the length of manhood.

Studies show that the average PE sufferer will ejaculate 1.8 minutes from penetration while the non-PE men ejaculate in 7.3 minutes. So, don’t beat yourself up if you’re not lasting for 3-hour lovemaking sessions.

If you are frequently ejaculating after just a couple of minutes, though, here are five ways to fight back against the problem.

#1. Distract Yourself

We’ve all seen various comedy sketches where a man’s internal monologue will purposely mention unsexy thoughts to delay the inevitable. While the scenes can be viewed as a way of poking fun at PE sufferers, there’s no doubt that the technique does work.

Try giving yourself a puzzle that needs solving to take your mind off of things. Just make sure that you’re into a rhythm first or else the experience won’t be fun for anyone – even if it does last a few minutes longer!

#2. Train Your Pelvic Muscles

Most men have naturally weak pelvic muscles, and they get even weaker with age. Given that they are used to support the penis prior to ejaculation, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that this can often be a cause for PE. Strengthen these muscles, and the duration of sex could quickly double.

A range of pelvic exercises can be completed on the floor, and you’ll find the best ones with a quick online search. Alternatively, you could see a personal trainer and ask for these exercises as part of your overall health routine. As long as they aren’t your only activities, it won’t be obvious.

#3. Control Your Tempo

If you want sex to be a marathon rather than a sprint, you must learn to slow things down. Control the pace of your pelvic thrusts as well as the angle of penetration, and you should notice positive results in no time. This is especially useful in conjunction with point two.

In addition to embracing a slower tempo and building up to speed, you could try the stop-start technique. When you feel the moment of no return approaching, try stopping until it passes. When you resume the pelvic thrusts, you should find that you last significantly longer.

#4. Prepare For The Game

If you know that sex is on the cards, masturbating an hour or two before the big kick-off will naturally delay ejaculation as you’ll have already ejaculated quite recently. If nothing else, this can help your mind stay relaxed, which will also have a telling impact on the outcome.

As a known PE sufferer, you can additionally buy thicker condoms to reduce the sensitivity in the genital reason. Sprays and supplements may also be taken to desensitize the region. Get this right, and your sexual activities will roll over into extra time.

#5. Relax

Stress is one of the main reasons for premature ejaculation. Sadly, the catch 22 situation is that your knowledge of previous PE will naturally crank up the stress levels before and during your sexual intimacy. Try to relax.

If you know you’ll finish quickly, try stimulating your partner before penetration with longer foreplay. Your partner will not complain about an orgasm, no matter how it is achieved. If your sexual techniques work for you both, that’s the only thing that matters.

When To Seek Help?

If those techniques aren’t helping and PE has started to cause major problems for your sex life, it may be best to seek medical advice. Tablets and creams can be prescribed while sexual counselling is another option that can become very rewarding.

Sex is an important part of your life; do not suffer in silence.